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products specificatgions

φ4.76mm × 0.7±0.01mm(1.0mm)  φ6.00mm × 0.7±0.01mm

φ6.35mm× 0.7±0.01mm φ8.00mm × 0.7±0.01mm

φ9.52mm± × 0.7±0.01mm  φ10.00mm × 0.7±0.01mm

  φ12mm× 0.7±0.01mm 

The scope of application of this product:

Apply to all kinds of Auto-oil piping、braking piping、
boost-steering gear piping.

Products functions:

Our company select single/double-wall welding-pipe(bundy tube),
which are all accord with Country YB/T4164-2007 standards

Mechanical functions: 


ID cleanliness: residuum ≤ 0.16g/ m2

Salt spray test :  no rusty on OD in 3000 - 3600  hours

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